Sun Club – Unlimited Tanning


Sun Angel

The integrated SUN ANGEL skin sensor measures your sensitivity to UV light. It then calculates a personal tanning session that emits the correct dose of UV for a great tan while virtually eliminating the possibility of overexposure.

Matrix L-33

The Matrix L33 Hi-Pressure Tanning System will take you to a level of tanning that you could never imagine.

Matrix L58 Large

Matrix L-58

The Matrix L58 features a total of 58 lamps to provide you with one of the quickest and darkest tans you can get from VHR tanning equipment. Special facial tanning lamps tan the face while filtering out harmful “burning” rays.


Diva Stand Up

This 9 minute stand-up generates 3-4 times the power of a standard bed and will give you a dark tan in just 4-6 sessions! The Diva is a specially designed tanning booth shaped to place you at the center of tanning intensity so you are being evenly showered with bronzing, all-over tanning power. Seven foot staggered lamp design provides head-to-toe tanning coverage.  This sunbed is great for uneven tan lines!


SunDash 20-Minute Bed

Our SunDash equipment utilizes Wolff System tanning technology featuring 20 minute sessions.


SunDash 10-Minute Bed

Come try one of our SunDash 10-Minute Beds. The higher intensity lamps used in these tanning beds are equivalent to a 20 minute session in one of our standard Wolff Tanning Beds with the same great tanning potential.