Skin Care

Tanning Lotions

Tanning isn’t just about achieving that beautiful bronze color, it’s also about taking great care of your skin. Our lotions can be used for indoor tanning, help prevent fine lines and wrinkles, provide vitamins and minerals your skin needs, and enhance and lengthen your tanning results.

Tan Extenders

Your face is the main feature that sets you apart from everyone else in the world. Using Tan Extending products will not only help you keep your gorgeous color longer but will also help you achieve better results from your tanning sessions. Several different types of products are included in this category such as Exfoliating Scrubs, Shower Gels and Daily Moisturizers. Your Tanning Consultant will help you find the best ones to work for you!

Facial Lotions

Your face is the main feature that sets you apart from everyone else in the world. It’s the part of you that attracts the most attention and, consequently, the part that you’ll probably spend the most time primping. Unfortunately, the skin on your face is also one of the most sensitive and vulnerable areas on your body. You simply cannot treat it the same way you would treat the rest of your skin. Facial lotions have the same basic functions as a body tanning lotion (to moisturize your skin and replenish essential nutrients), but facial lotions are the best tanning lotions to use from the neck up because they are specially formulated to be much gentler on your face.

Sunless Products

We carry specialty products to help achieve maximum Sunless results!

  • Prepare- primers, polishes, exfoliants and scrubs
  • Develop- touch up sprays and lotions
  • Extend- extender products (normally contain a small amount of DHA)